Monday, June 15, 2009

LCA ICT Project Gets Green Light!

At last! We have just signed, sealed and are awaiting delivery of 10 new Netbooks, a wireless router, digital projector and mono laser printer for our LCA suite.

The demands of the LCA course on the existing ICT framework in our school is very heavy and is now causing a detrimental impact on the computer contact time for other students in the school. We need to free up the general computer room whilst increasing the ICT facilities for our LCA students.

It has been decided to make the LCA suite fully ICT proficient in order to meet all the day to day needs of the students and teachers involved in this course.

There is a project framework in place but it has no meat on it yet. I suppose my summer holidays will be slightly compromised by my having to take action on the plan of implementation for September 09.

More later.

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